Coin Payments Integration

We've just launched our integration with CoinPayments, which means you can now accept crypto on your sales funnels!

This means Lime Funnels are the first all-in-one marketing platform, and the only sales funnel builder accepting crypto as a form of payment for your courses, products and funnels...

Even CBD or unlisted products on Stripe and PayPal can be sold with ease.

To get set up, head on over to Payment Gateways and set up your CoinPayments integration.


API Keys - Public Key & Secret Key:

Firstly, we must grab the Public & Secret Key from your CoinPayments account.

On the top navigation panel, go to Account > API Keys (or simply go to this link while logged into your CoinPayments account:

Click Generate New Key > and the Public + Private Key will appear.

Paste the keys accordingly into the Public Key & Secret Key field inside your LF account.

Merchant Key:

You can grab your Merchant Key from the top navigation panel > Account > Account Settings

(or simply go to this link while logged into your CoinPayments account:

Copy that Merchant ID and paste it into the Merchant Key field inside your LF account.


IPN Secret Key:

While inside the account settings, go to the Merchant Settings tab and enter a good random string of text or numbers that nobody can guess as your IPN Secret Key.

After you've entered the IPN Secret Key, copy and paste it into the IPN Secret Key field inside your LF account.

For the IPN URL, copy the link provided inside your LF account and paste it inside the IPN URL field inside your CoinPayments account

NOTE: Remember to click Update Account (inside CoinPayments), only then to Save CoinPayments Integration inside LF.


Most of the time you'll get the error "Connection Error...! Invalid API Key provided Error: Receiver does not accept that coin!"

Do not panic, that is because of the Coin Preferences settings.

While logged into your CoinPayments account, go to this link here:

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and you will see a coin named Litecoin Testnet. Make sure that coin is checked and click Update Coin Preferences.

Click the Test Connection button inside your LF account CoinPayments integration and it should be connected successfully.

**The Litecoin Testnet is a test coin and needs to be enabled during the integration process. Upon successful integration and completion of test transactions, PLEASE ENSURE TO REMOVE THE LITECOIN TESTNET AND UPDATE YOUR COIN PREFERENCES. Failure to do so will allow users to purchase your products using a test coin.