DNS Setup for Custom Domains

WARNING!!!  If you have a currently running website and run through these steps YOU WILL LOSE ACCESS TO THE CURRENT WEBSITE.

If you intend on keeping some of your content on another hosting platform and accessible via this domain, you may want to Setup a Custom Subdomain instead.

If you're unsure, or you simply want someone to set this up for you, we've contracted with an expert to get it done for you at a discounted rate of just $25. Simply click here and enter the coupon code: LIMEFUNNELS

Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow these instructions in the exact order listed below in order for your DNS to properly connect to Lime Funnels. Please note these instructions set up your domain as domain.com, we do not recommend using www.domain.com as the instructions will be different.

Connect Custom Domain with Lime Funnels

Step 1: Create a free Cloudflare account here (if you have an existing Cloudflare account, move to the next step).

Step 2: On the Home page of Cloudflare, click the Add a Site button.

Step 3: Type in your domain, yourdomain.com (without the www), and hit Add Site.

Step 4: Select the Free plan and click Confirm Plan.

NOTE: Your current DNS configuration will now be copied into your CloudFlare account.

Step 5: Add or Edit your @ A record to point to Lime Funnels in your DNS settings by inputting the following and hitting Save:

Type: A
Name: @
Proxy Status: 'DNS only'


Step 6: Add or Edit your WWW CNAME record by using the following inputs and hitting Save.

Name: www
Value: yourdomain.com

Step 7: Click Continue. This will take you to the Change your nameservers page. Keep this Cloudflare page open.

You'll need these nameservers at the end of this guide.

Step 8: Once you have noted the nameservers click the Done.

Step 9: Click to skip the recommendations.
Step 10: Select Speed > Optimization from the left-hand menu and ensure auto minify for the following items are checked: JS, CSS, HTML

Step 11: Click on the Rules from the left menu and proceed to click on the Create Page Rule button.

Step 12: Type/Select the following information (using your own domain in place of "yourdomain.com").

Then the settings are:

Forwarding URL
301 - Permanent Redirect

**if /$2 doesn't work for you try /$1**

Screen Shot 2022-09-02 at 3.11.16 PM

Click Save and Deploy

You are now ready to change your domains name servers and guides are available

You will use the nameservers you noted within Step 7.

Step 13: Once the nameservers have been updated you can link your domain to Lime Funnels.


IMPORTANT: Your DNS records are now handled strictly by CloudFlare. If you need to change anything pertaining to DNS (including your domain verification with Facebook), you MUST do the suggested steps within CloudFlare and NOT inside of GoDaddy (or any other domain service).

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