How To Integrate PayPal

1) Go to Funnels then to Payment Gateways in your Dropfunnels dashboard.

2) In the available options for Payment Gateways, select Paypal.

3) Log in to your Paypal account, then go to

4) On your Paypal dashboard, go to 'Apps & Credentials' in the top menu bar.

5) Click 'Create App'

6) Enter your App Name. We suggest using 'LimeFunnels - Business Name', where 'Business Name' is replaced with your actual business name. All other options can stay as default.

7) Click 'Create App'

8) Locate the Client ID for the App and click on the Copy to Clipboard to the right of the key.

9) Paste that Client ID into the SANDBOX Client ID on the right hand side of the Payment Gateway column under PayPal.

10) Click on Show to view the Secret Key. Click Copy to Clipboard and paste into the Secret Key section just below where you already pasted the Client ID.

11) Click on the blue Test Integration button under the PayPal Sandbox Keys. It should say "Connected Successfully...!" 

12) Click on Save Paypal Integration.

13) Go back into the PayPal Developer page and slide the toggle in the top right from Sandbox to Live

14) Repeat steps 4-12 identically, using the same App Name while pasting the new Client ID and Secret Keys into the left hand side of the PayPal Payment Gateway column labelled "LIVE".

15) Once both connections have tested successfully, you've completed connecting your LimeFunnels site to your PayPal account.

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